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AP Latin - Caesar Idioms


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gratias agere
to thank
Vitam agere
To live a life
consilium capere
to form a plan
se recipere
to retreat
proelium committere
To begin or join battle
In fugam conicere
To put to flight
in fugam dare
To put to flight
In fugam sese dare
To flee
Inter se dare
To exchange
iter dare
To give right of way
poenam dare
to pay a penalty, suffer punishment
causam dīcere
To plead a case
bellum ducere
To prolong the war
In matrimonium ducere
to marry
Murum ducere
To contruct a wall
navem deducere
To launch a ship
certiorem facere
to inform
certior fieri
to be informed
Imperata facere
To obey commands
Iter facere
To march
Potestatem facere
To give an opportunity
proelium facere
To engage in battle
verba facere
To speak
Vim facere
To use force
aegre ferre
To be annoyed at
Signa ferre
To advance
se conferre
to proceed
bellum inferre
To make war
gratiam referre
To show gratitude
Pedem referre
To retreat
se referre
To go back, return
gratiam habere
to feel grateful
in animo habere
to intend
orationem habere
to deliver a speech
pedibus ire
to go on foot, walk
castra movere
to break camp
viam munire
to build a road
castra ponere
to pitch camp
plurimum posse
to be very powerful
navem solvere
to set sail
memoria tenere
to remember
terga vertere
to turn and flee
a dextro cornu
on the right wing
a sinistro cornu
on the left wing
in summo monte
on top of the mountain
magnum iter
a forced march
mille passus
a mile
millia passuum
multa nocte
late at night
navis longa
a battleship
navis oneraria
a transport
not even
non iam
no longer
non modo...sed etiam
not only...but also
non nulli
non numquam
novissimum agmen
the rear
primum agmen
the van
prima luce
at dawn
qua de causa
for this reason
quad celerrime
as quickly as possible
sub monte
at the foot of the mountain
solis occasu
at sunset
simul atque (ac)
as soon as
res publica
government, state
quam primum
as soon as possible
res frumentaria
grain supply
res gestae
deeds, achievements
res novae
a revolution
res militaris
military science