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Quiz 1

educational psychology

Academic discipline that studies and applies concepts and theories of psychology relevant to instructional practice


Cognitive process in which learners embellish on new information based on what they already know.

descriptive study

Describes a situations so we can draw conclusions about the current state of affairs. Study can be quatitative or qualitative.

correlational study

Research study that explores possible relationships among variables.


Extent to which two variables are associated, such that when one variable increases, the other either increases or decreases somewhat predictably.

experimental study

research study that involves the manipulation of one variable to determine its possible effect on another variable.

aspects of psychology

thinking, learning, human development, motivation, assesment


observing and measuring people's behaviors, and environmental events.

Social learning Theory

the theory that we learn social behavior by observing and imitating and by being rewarded or punished.

information processing theory

focuses on the specific ways in which learners mentally think about, or process, new information.


Piaget's idea that reality of kids and adults is constructed from their observations and experiences.

sociocultural theory

emphasizes that social, cultural, and historical contexts in which children grow up have profound influences on thinking, learning, and effective instructional practice.


various ways of thinking about information and events

cognitive process

Particular way of thinking about information or an event

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