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Indefinite adjectives

Quīdam, quaedam, quoddam is the endefinite adjective, meaning a certain (sing) or some (pl). It is exactly the same as the relative pronoun, except with "dam" added to the end. Also, in the masc & fem. acc. forms, as well as in the genitive forms of all three genders, the "m" at the end changes to an "n" to make the word easier to pronounce (partial assimilation).
masc. nom. sing.
quīdam (1)
masc. gen.sing.
cuiusdam (1)
masc. dat. sing.
cuidam (1)
masc. acc. sing.
masc. abl. sing.
quōdam (way 1)
masc. nom. pl.
quīdam (2)
masc. gen. pl.
quōrundam (2)
masc. dat. pl.
quibusdam (1)
masc. acc. pl.
masc. abl. pl
quibusdam (2)
fem. nom. sing.
quaedam (1)
fem. gen. sing
cuiusdam (2)
fem. dat. sing.
cuidam (2)
fem. acc. sing
fem. abl. sing.
fem. nom. pl
quaedam (2)
fem. gen. pl.
fem. dat. pl.
quibusdam (3)
fem. acc. pl.
fem. abl. pl.
quibusdam (4)
neut. nom. sing.
quoddam (1)
neut. gen. sing.
cuiusdam (3)
neut. dat. sing.
cuidam (3)
neut. acc. sing.
quoddam (2)
neut. abl. sing.
quōdam (2)
neut. nom. pl.
quaedam (3)
neut. gen. pl.
quōrundam (2)
neut. dat. pl.
quibusdam (5)
neut. acc. pl.
quaedam (4)
neut. abl. pl.
quibusdam (6)