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Judiciary act of 1789

law establishing federal court system and # of Supreme Court justices

Bank of the US

bank that issues paper money and handle tax receipts and other government funds

Alexander Hamilton

secratary of state of the cabinet


department heads later became president's chief advisors


Jefferson's Republicans that are ancestors of today's Democrats

2- party system

political system dominated by 2 major parties

protective tariff

import taxon goods produced from Europe encourage American production of revenue

excise tax

tax on product's manufacture,sale,distribution


statement that the US supported neither side


placing interests in one's own region ahead of the nation as a whole

xyz affair

incindent in 1797 which French officials demanded a bribe from US diplomats

alien and sedition acts

series of 4 laws in 1798 to reduce political power of recent immigrants to the US


the right to nullify any act of Congress that was unconstitutional

Judiciary act of 1801

law increasing # of federal judges

midnight judges

judges appointed by John Adams in the last hour of his administration

Marbury vs Madison

1803 case which Supreme Court had the power to abolish legislative acts by declaring them unconstitutional

judicial review

Supreme Court's power declaring act of Congress unconstitutional

Louisiana Purchase

1803 purchase of Louisiana Territory extending from the Mississippi River to The Rocky Mts

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