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Around 1000 BC what group of people built a kingdom in Canaan?

The Israelites

Where did the Israelites build their first kingdome?


What did the Israelites believe in?

One God who set down moral laws for his people

What is monotheism?

The belief in one god.

Who were montheists?

The Israelites

The Israelite faith became the religion known today as


What language did the Israelites speak?


What group of people spoke Hebrew?

The Jews

Where did the Hebrews write down their religious beliefs?

Hebrew Bible

What trade did the early Israelites do?

herders and traders

What area did the Israelites come from before settling in Canaan?


What present day area was known as Canaan?

Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan

What man did the Israelites believe they descended from?


In theBible what did God tell Abraham to do?

leave Mesopotamia and go to Canaan and worship the one true God.

What did God promise Abraham if he left Mesopotamia and go to Canann and worship the one true God?

the land of Canaan would belong to Abraham and his descendants

Why did the Israelites settle in Canaan?

because God told them to settle there

Who was Abraham's grandson?


Who is Jacob?

Abraham's grandson

What was Jacob also called?


What does the word Israel mean?

"one who struggles with God"

How many sons did Jacob have?

12 sons

What was Jacobs family divided into?


What are tribes?

separate family groups

What were the 12 tribes of Israel?

Jacob's 12 sons

After living in Canaan for 100 years why did the Israelits go to Eqypt to live?

because of a long drought

Whas life good for the Israelites in Egypt?


Who did the Pharaoh makes slaves to help build his pyramids?

the Israelites

Why did the Pharoah order all Israelite baby boys be thrown into the Nile?

to prevent an Israeli rebellion

What did the Paraoh order the Israelites do?

throw all baby boys into the Nile

WHat did one desparate mom do instead of throwing her son into the Nile?

She put her baby in a basket

What was the name of the baby that was put in a basket on the Nile?


Who found the baby in the basket on the Nile?

the pharaoh's daughter and she named him Moses

What name did the Pharoah's daughter name the found baby?


What did Moses see one day while herding sheep outside of Egypt?

a burning bush and heard a voice

What did Moses believe he heard from the voice in the burning bush?

to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to freedom

Who sent 10 plagues to trouble Egypt?


How many plagues did God send to trouble Egypt?


What is a plague?

somtimes a disease but can also mean something that causes problems for a lot of people

Why did GOd send 10 plagues to Egypt?

to get the Pharoh to free the Israelites

What was the last plaque?

killed all first-born children

Why weren't the Israelites first borns not killed during the last plague?

because they marked their doorway with lamb's blood

What convinced the Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave Egypt?

the last plague where first-borns were killed

What is Passover?

A jewish holiday to remember and celebrate how God "passed over" their homes with the 10th plague

When the Israelites fled Egypt what did the Pharaoh do?

he changed his mind and sent his army to get the Israelites back

Who parted the Red Sea?


What sea did God part in order for the Israelites to escape Egypt?

the Red Sea

What happened to Pharaohs army after the Israelites?

the Red Sea flowed back and drowned the soldiers

What is the Israeli escape from Egypt called in the Bible?


What is Exodus?

the Israeli escape from Egypt

What desert did the Israelites have to travel through to get to Canann?

The Sinai desert

What Mountain did Moses receive the ten commandments?

Mount Sinai

What is the name of the place where Moses received the laws from God?

Mount Sinai

What is the Torah?

the name of the laws God gave Moses

The name of the laws God gave Moses is called?

the Torah

What did the Torah describe?

the covenant

What is a covenant?

an agreement or promise

What was the covenant from the Torah?

God promised to return the Israelites to Canaan if they followed his laws

What is the most important part of the Torah?

the Ten Commandments

What covenant was described in the Torah?

the Ten Commandments

What did the Torah explain to the Israelites?

what God considered right and wrong

What box held the Ten Commandments?

The Ark of the Covenant

What is the Ark of the Covenant?

a box that held the Ten Commandments

What is the Israelites' escape from Egypt called?


Who did the Israelites have to fight to return to their promised land?

the Canaanites

How many years did it take the Israelite to reach Canaan?

40 years

DId Moses ever see the promised land?


Who took over when Moses died?


Who led the Israelites into battle the Canaanites?

Joshua with God

What city did Joshua defeat under his leadership?


How did Joshua defeat Jericho?

They marched for six days around the walls of Jericho and on the sixth day they raised a shout and the walls of Jericho crumbled

One what day did the walls of Jericho fall?

the sixth day

When Joshua defeated the land of Canaan how was it divided?

among the 12 tribes

Who provided leadership in Canaan after Joshua died?


Who were judges?

usually military leaders

What was the name of the first judge that was a woman?


What did the Israelites create?

an alphabet and a calendar based on the Canaanite ideas

What group of Canaanites lived along the Mediterranean Sea?

the Phoenicians

WHat were the Phoenicians known for?

skilled sailors and traders

What was one important idea that the Phoenicians spread?

an alphabet

The Phoenicians brought the idea of an alphabet to what group of people?

the Greeks

Who did the Greeks pass on the alphabet to?

the Romans

Most Western alphabets are based on the

Roman Alphabet

Why was the religion of Israel unique in the ancient world?

because they only believed in one true God

How did the Israelites obtain the Torah?

through God

The Israelites used the Ten Commandment as

rules to live by

Joshua and the judges, including Deborah

won back territory in centarl Canaan for the Israelites

What is a tribe?

a family group

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