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  1. Diamond (structure)
  2. Graphite (unit cell)
  3. coke (type)
  4. H₂O (type)
  5. Pb (type)
  1. a
    tetrahedral network
  2. b amorphous solid
  3. c metallic solid
  4. d
  5. e molecular solid

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  1. has more polymorphs than almost any other structure
  2. layered, planar; can be described as a 2-dimensional lattice because covalent bonds occur only within sheets (planes) called graphenes; in each layer C atoms are arranged in a honeycomb-like lattice
  3. metallic solid

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  1. Krmolecular solid


  2. latticea regular, repeating array of atoms or ions


  3. polymorphsdifferent forms of crystal structure for the same solid material


  4. Diamond (type)amorphous solid


  5. Ag (type)Network solid (3-D)