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renal cortex

the outermost portion of the kidney, makes up about a third of the kidney's tissue mass, just in from the outer capsule

renal medulla

inner (deeper) portion of the kidney

renal pyramids

The structures in the kidney where blood filtration takes place., within the medulla, dozen or so triangular-shaped areas,

renal pelvis

a relatively flat, basinlike cavity that is continuous with the ureter


The process by which an organism gets rid of metabolic waste products like urea

One million

There are about ______ nephrons in each kidney.


Step in which needed water, nutrients and minerals are put back into the peritubular capillaries.


Step in which plasma (water, nutrients, etc.) is taken out of the capillaries and drawn into the nephron at Bowman's capsule

Water, salt, urea, and any other substance in excess in the blood.

Urine is made up of ___.

Inferior Vena Cava

Urinary Bladder



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