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Pediatric O2 Delivery Devices

Exam 2
goals of O2 therapy for newborns (KNOW!)
SaO2 between 88 & 94%
PaO2 between 60-80 mmHg
Cannula Flow rates for babies
neonates <1 lpm
.25 L = 24-27%
.5 L = 26-32%
1 L = 30-35%
Simple mask
neonate 60-80% on 5 lpm
Peds 50% on 6-8 lpm
Partial rebreather
>40% - <60%
non rebreathing mask
>60% @ 6-15 lpm
venti mask
indicated for high humidity & high O2 concentration delivery
analyze O2 near face
disadvantages of HH (head hood)
noise levels
damp bedding
FiO2 dilution
controlled environment
humidity & aerosol therapy
O2 between 40-50% variable
run flow between 12-15 lpm
hazards of tents
hard to achieve higher FiO2
hard to visualize child with high mist
high flows needed to flush CO2
spark toys can cause fire