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Age of Exploration
period of time when European countries traveled the world in search of new trade routes
Leif Ericson
Famous Viking; First European to explore North America
Far East
Japan, China and India; Trade partners with European countries.
Christopher Columbus
Italian explorer; Sailed on behalf of Spain; Given credit for New World discovery when he landed in the Bahamas in 1492.
Jean Ribault
explored Georgia's coastline in search of the ideal location on which to establish a French colony
Barrier Islands
several island off Georgia's coast; inhabited by Native Americans; the Spanish built several missions on these islands.
Hernando de Soto
Spanish Conquistador who led an expedition through the Southeastern United States; credited as being the first European in Georgia.
French Protestants
Came to the "New World" in search of religious freedom
The 3 G's
God, Gold, and Glory The Spanish focus for colonizing the "New World"
the English economic policy focused on exporting more than importing. Main reason why the English wanted to colonize the "New World"
Spanish missions
churches set up by the Spanish in hopes of converting Native Americans to Christianity.