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History Alive! The United States Through Federalism: Chapter 9 Vocab

Vocabulary words and definitions from the "History Alive: The United States Through Federalism" book. Chapter nine, starting on page 119.
popular sovereignty
the idea that the authority of government comes from the people.
legislative branch
the law-making part of government, called the legislature. To legislate is to make a law.
having two law-making parts. This from the Latin words meaning "two rooms."
a proposed law
to reject a proposed law or a bill. Only the president can veto bills.
executive branch
the part of government that "executes" (carries out) the laws.
to formally accuse an official of a crime related to official duties.
judicial branch
the part of government, consisting of the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, that interprets the laws.
checks and balances
the system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches
a change to the Constitution.
interstate commerce
trade and other business dealings that cross state lines.
the constitutional system that shares power between the national and state governments.
an organized political group.
interest group
an organization that actively promotes the views of some part of the public on specific issues.