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Middle East Geography


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Black Sea
borders Europe and Turkey
Caspian Sea
body of water north of Iran; Russia also borders it
Persian Gulf
located between the Arabian Peninsula and Iran
Arabian Sea
body of water that is part of the Indian Ocean
Red Sea
separates the Arabian Peninsula from Africa
Strait of Hormuz
connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea
Jordan River
starts in Syria and then flows through the Sea of Galilee in Israel to the Dead Sea
Golan Heights
located on a plateau on the border of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria
West Bank
area west of the Jordan River
Gaza Strip
coastal strip of land along the Mediterranean that borders Egypt
Arabian Desert
covers most of the Arabian Peninsula
Syrian Desert
north of the Arabian Desert; it covers parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria
Tigris River
begins in Turkey; flows east through Iraq where it joins the Euphrates River, and then flows in the Persian Gulf
Euphrates River
begins in Turkey; flows east through Syria and then Iraq where it joins the Tigris River