Ch 15 People/terms

harry hopkins
former relief of Federal Emergency Relief Administration
mary mcleod bethune
educator, dedicated herself to promoting opportunities for young African Americans
-head of Division of Negro Affairs of National Youth Administration
John Collier
largely responsible for act, commission of Indian affairs, created Indian Reorganization Act of 1934
Father Charles Coughlin
felt banking system should be nationalized and there should be a minimum income guaranteed to every person
-favored guaranteed annual income and nationalization of banks
-turned against FDR
alfred landon
-governor of Kansas
-FDR's opponent in the election
huey long
-early supporter of new deal
-turned against FDR
-proposed social program Share-The-Wealth
Frances Perkins
Secretary of Labor, helped with the Social Security Act
Eleanor Roosevelt
FDR's right hand man, eyes and ears, FDR could never have done as well due to his disability, wife of FDR, encouraged him to appoint women to government positions
2-term governor of NY, distant cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, won election by a landslide, president at this time
Dr. Francis Townsend
felt that FDR wasn't supporting elderly, elderly lost support for FDR
congress of industrial organizations
changed name of committee for industrial organization
-expelled from AFL
court packing
FDR passes a law to appoint 6 new justices to supreme court, all elements at the time were democratic, easy to pass bill, Roosevelt aimed to increase the size of the Supreme Court, bring in new justices to change balance of opinion of the Court, proposed to pack the Court in the 1930s
election of 1936
FDR was extremely popular, with 12 largest city supporting him, new deal labor laws got him support form various religious and ethnic groups, FDR won in a landslide victory
deficit spending
spending more money than the government receives in revenue
fireside chats
used to communicate with American's, discuss issues in the American economy, FDR said nation's welfare depended on public support of government and banking system, if too many people demand savings in cash, banks fail
memorial day massacre
memorial day, 1937, police broke a stride, 10 killed, 84 wounded
NLRB vs. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.
NLRB = mediator in dispute
decision declared wagner act constitutional, moment in time when supreme court stops challenging the new deal act and legislation
-pages 502-503 in book
transfer from private to state ownership
new deal coalition
labor unions flourish, FDR became a "friend of Mexico," union memberships grow, effected miners and workers in mass-production industries, CIO formed with John Lewis and David Dubinsky
employed by 1st and 2nd AAA to support agricultural prices, price intended to keep farmers income steady
poll tax
FDR refused to pass federal anti lynching laws and laws to end poll taxes
share the wealth campaign
huey long created share the wealth, he believes that all the wealth in the nation should be distributed evenly, "every man a king"