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Would you mind...? (REQUEST / PERMISSION)

Use WOULD YOU MIND...? as a polite way to check if something is, or represents, a problem to another person. "I WOULD MIND" means "It would bother me" or "It is a problem for me" or "It is uncomfortable for me if...". Technically, if someone asks you, "WOULD YOU MIND...?", you should answer "Yes, I WOULD MIND" if it is NOT okay with you. i.e., "Don't do that!" You should answer, "No, I WOULD NOT MIND" if it is fine with you...if it is no problem. i.e., "Sure! No problem!"

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Ask someone to help you with your suitcases.
Would you mind helping me with my suitcases?
Ask someone if you can use her/his phone for a minute.
Would you mind if I used your phone for a minute?
Ask someone if your son can use his/her bathroom.
Would you mind if my son used your bathroom?
Ask someone to lend you a dollar.
Would you mind lending me a dollar?
Ask someone to buy you a new car.
Would you mind buying me a new car, please?
Ask someone if you can eat her/his hamburger.
Would you mind if I ate your hamburger?
Ask someone if you can sleep naked on his/her sofa.
Would you mind if I slept naked on your sofa?
Ask your little brother to shut up.
Would you mind shutting up?
Ask your students not to talk when you, the teacher, are talking.
Would you mind not talking when I'm talking?
Ask someone to save your seat while you go to the restroom.
Would you mind saving my seat while I go to the restroom?
Ask someone to translate a letter for you.
Would you mind translating a letter for me?
Ask someone if you can kiss his/her husband or wife.
Would you mind if I kissed your husband? ...or...Would you mind if I kissed your wife?
Ask someone if your sister can come to the party.
Would you mind if my sister came to the party?
Ask someone if your grandfather can sit next to you (on the bus).
Would you mind if my grandfather sat next to me? (i.e., Please move! :) )
Ask someone not to kick the back of your seat (on the bus or on the airplane).
Would you mind not kicking the back of my seat? (i.e., Please stop doing that!)
Ask someone to pass you that magazine.
Would you mind passing me that magazine?
Ask someone if your mother can sing at her/his party.
Would you mind if my mother sang at your party?
Ask someone to tell you what the problem is.
Would you mind telling me what the problem is?