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Intimate Relationships 9

permissiveness with affection standard
belief that sex between unmarried partners is acceptable as long as it occurs in the context of a commited relationship
sexual double standard
More subtle today, the idea that having many sexual partners makes a man a "stud" and a woman a "slut"
People are more _______ accepting of same sex couples if they believe it is not a choice
Compared to other countries, the sexual attitude of the US is considered ______________
Average age that men and women have sex for the first time
Both sexes tend to regret their first sexual experience when their partner is ____________
emotional sex
sex as communication of love and commitment
physical sex
sex as physical pleasure
pragmatic sex
sex with purpose such as making a baby or making someone jealous
insecure sex
sex in order to boost ones self-esteem
Single people tend to have more sex than married couples
gay men
which type of relationship tends to have the most sex?
gay men
the drop in frequency of sex over time is most prominent in what type of relationship?
extradyadic sex
having sex with someone who isnt ones romantic partner
What bias leads to women reporting less sexual partners than men?
sociosexual orientations
trait-like collections of beliefs and behaviors that describe our feelings about sex
restricted sociosexuality
people willing to have sex only in the context of a commited
unrestricted sociosexuality
people who do not seek closeness before persuing sex
good genes hypothesis
suggests that some women with less than desirable mates may profit from dual mating (man who will care for her long term and another to give her good offspring)
sperm competition
suggests that some women with less than desirable mates may profit from dual mating (man who will care for her long term and another to give her good offspring)
sex drives
men have higher _______ ________ than women
principle of lesser interest
this may be in play when women have more power in a relationship because they control the sex
/4 of college students engage in this type of sexual interaction
underestimates of risk
why people believe they don't need to use condoms
illusion of unique invulnerability
a bias that bad things are generally more likely to happen to others than us
faulty decision making
sexual arousal and intoxication cause this
alcohol myopia
a phenomenon that reduces ones ability to think about/process all of the information available to them when they are drunk (involved with unsafe sex)
pluralistic ignorance
when people wrongly believe that their feelings/beliefs are different from those of others (ex: someone may be uncomfortable with hookups, in fact most are, and because they think most people generally approve of them, they feel social pressure to hook up)
inequalities in power
condom usage may depend on which person in the relationship holds more power
abstinence education
this teaches children that condoms don't work which leads them to not use condoms when they become sexaully active
married couples
who are more likely to be satisfied with their sex lives, married couples or cohabitating partners
the need to be in control over our own actions that makes sex more rewarding
the need to feel confident and capable that makes sex more rewarding
the need to establish close connections to others that makes sex more rewarding
approach dimension
having sex to celebrate or enrich the intimacy in our relationships
avoidance dimension
having sex to to forestall unpleasant consequences
better, communication
sex between same sex couples is generally _______ because they are not afraid of ________ about sex
avoidant attachment
style that has less sex than secure people
style that is more likely to cheat
broad types of sexual violation
verbal vs. physical, fondling vs. intercourse