Path Midterm Pics I

56 terms by samstewartrvaa

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epitheliogenesis imperfecta



feline calicivirus

tongue of a cat

foot and mouth

what disease can cause this appearance on the heart?

foot and mouth

foot of a pig

pemphigus vulgaris

BVD, MCF, rinderpest

give three possible viral causes of this condition in a cow (use abbreviations when possible)

blue tongue


what is the viral cause of this condition?

contagious ecthyma

condition in a goat

oral eosinophilic granuloma

lesion in oral cavity of cat, usually around the upper lip or commissures

lymphoplasmacytic stomatitis

oral cavity of a cat

gingival hyperplasia

oral cavity of a dog

oral melanoma

tongue of a dog

squamous cell carcinoma

oral neoplasm of a cat

canine oral papillomatosis

canine oral cavity

segmental enamel hypoplasia

canine oral cavity

feline external resorptive neck lesions

oral cavity of a cat

salivary mucocele


salivary gland


wooden tongue

tongue of cow with a bacterial infection


tongue with a fungal infection


condition causing megaesophagus


image of canine esophagus


parasite infection in the esophagus

spirocerca lupi

parasite infection of the esophagus

bloat line

what is the arrow pointing to in this cow's esophagus?

hardware disease

rumen of a cow

bacterial rumenitis

rumen of a cow

mycotic rumenitis

rumen of a cow


parasite infection of ruminant forestomach


abomasum of a sheep

hypertrophic/hyperplastic gastritis

stomach of a dog

chronic giant hypertrophic gastropathy

stomach of a beagle/boxer/besenji/etc.


ruminant abomasum


cow abomasum


what type of enteritis is this?

lawsonia intracellularis

what is the most likely bacterial cause of this condition?


what type of enteritis is this?


name a bacteria that can cause this condition


what type of enteritis is this?

clostridium perfringens

name a bacteria that can cause this condition


what type of enteritis is this?

mycobacterium, histoplasma

name 1 bacteria and 1 fungus that can cause this condition


what type of enteritis is this?

overo lethal white syndrome

colon from a newborn foal


name a bacteria that can cause this condition to the rectum of a pig


pedunculated lipoma


intestines of a dog


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