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  1. Attention for visuals can be applied to landscapes
    Cross shape

  2. Baroque idea went all over the place, not just in Italy and France
    Germans adopts Baroque
    -- Emphasis on visuals
    -- Remembering classicism
    Vienna -- after the Turkish Ottoman siege, the city becomes important trade city
    Church built in commemoration for one of the monarchs
    -- Built for monarch Charles VI
    -- Pronaos (portico -- piece of pantheon)
    -- Reflection of Baroque
    -- -- The large dome of the Roman
    -- -- Two large columns
    -- Copies of the Trajan's columns
    -- -- Are put in front of two wings
    -- -- No function, but acts as a screen
    Each characteristic comes from existing classical buildings

  3. Three partid (three levels)
    -- First level has formal treatment (stone/large bricks) - symbolic of stability
    -- Central one has six columns and smaller one has four columns

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  1. Versailles, aerial view and plan
    Hunting lodge for France
    Comissioned by King Louis XIV
    Designed on the axis
    -- Triangular emphasis


  2. Guarino Guarini, Palazzo Carignano, Turin 1679 (begun)
    Not just a functional element (from one level to another)
    -- It's a ceremonial process
    The person has to climb the two flights of stairs
    From the stair, the person gets a visual experience


  3. Balthasar Neumann, Staircase at the Residenz, Wurzburg 1752-1753, with the
    frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo (1752-1753)

    Neumann worked for a small prince; worked at the palace
    He designed the staircase
    -- People enter the palace
    -- Act of climbing the stairs, become the visual
    -- -- Stairs are supported by the colonnades
    -- People can move under the stairs
    Once you climb the stairs, you get a large imposing vault
    -- Windows are blind windows
    -- Vault is designed with Fresco
    Painting is called "Four Continents"