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13 Colonies Climate and Geography

What was South Carolina's Climate and Geography?
Winter short and mild. Low Plains and swampy. Long growing season.
What was Georgia's Climate and Geography?
Coastal Swamps. Winters short. Summers hot. Long growing season.
What was Virginia's Climate and Geography?
Hot, humid summer, rain, and fertile soil. Mild winter.
What was Rhode Island's Climate and Georgraphy?
Land rocky along the coastline. Winters cold. Shiping Port
What was Connecticut's Climate and Geography?
Summers were mild. Winters cold. Used the sea to make a living.
What was Massachusetts's Climate and Geography?
Land Fertile, and rick pasture. Winters cold, summer warm and humin.
What was New York's Climate and Geography?
Hot summer, Mountains, and forest. Safe harbors
What was Maryland Climate and Georgraphy?
Low fertile. Summer hot and winter cold.
What was Pennsylvania's Climate and Georgraphy like?
Rolling hills, trees, and fertile soil. Summer hot, Cold winter