Reporting Verbs for 52

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listsShe ___________ several popular drinks that have a lot of sugar in them. (= says a few; first letter = L)suggestsHe ___________ that parents limit the amount of soda that their kids drink. (= gives advice or an opinion; first letter = S)concludesThe author ___________ by saying that the law will help consumers get information. (= finishes with this idea)reportsThe author ___________ that other states are making laws about sugar. (=says what happened)statesShe ___________ that drinking soda increases chances of being overweight. (=says a fact)claimsHe ___________ that some sodas have health benefits. (= says something is true, but it isn't proven)warnsShe ____________ parents not to give children too much soda. (=tells someone that something bad or dangerous may happen, so that they can avoid it or prevent it)insistsShe ______ that soda is bad for health. (=repeats an idea strongly)