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Ch. 5-6 review

What term describes people who feel they have very little control over the events in their lives?
external locus of control
Bulimia nervosa is characterized by what behaviors?
-taking laxitives
-excessive exercise
According to the text, Rosen (1986) found that ___% of athletes thought pathogenic eating behaviors were harmless.
According to Thorton (1990), athletes with either anorexia or bulimia nervosa run the risk of developing what physical problems?
-esophogal inflammation
-erosion of tooth enamel
-hormonal imbalances
-electrolyte imbalance
In spite of improved treatment programs, experts on eating disorders report that ___ of patients will not respond to therapy.
What are the stages in the stress response to an injury?
1) situation
2) emotional response
3) consequences
4) appraisal
Which phase of the "stress-response model" can the athlete engage in negative self-doubt?
Phase 4, appraisal
What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?
a psychological disorder during fall and winter seasons; affects athlete's performance and increases risk of injury
If you have a low self-concept are you better able to deal with the stress of competition?
Do athletes present a predictable psychological response when they are hurt?
Do the majority of women surveyed in sports such as gymnastics report having any pathogenic eating behavior?
Eating disorders can lead to chronic conditions such as...
osteoporosis and amenorrhea
Is it important to treat the athlete and their injury at that same time?
Is there a potential for serious problems caused by seasonal affective disorder?
When do seasonal affective disorder symptoms usually occur?
Fall & Winter seasons
Who is the most knowlegeable regarding nutrition information?
Athletic Trainers
What is the reported daily iron loss in female athletes during menstruation?
2 miligrams
What is the recommended daily protein intake for adolescent athletes/kilogram body weight?
1.5-2.0g/kg of body weight
What is responsible for iron loss leading to iron deficiency?
-gastrointestinal bleeding
-red blood cell destruction (hemolysis)
What are some of the problems related to repeated bouts of rapid weight loss?
-increased blood viscosity
-blood clots
-swelling of the pancreas
According to sports scientists, what is the recommended percentages of protein and fat in the diet?
-protein: 10-15%
-fat: 30%
The recommended minimum percent body fat for a male athlete is...
Do coaches have adequate training in nutrition?
Who do athletes turn to with questions about their nutrition needs a majority of the time?
What is the technical term for destruction of red blood cells?
It has been reported that the average life span of an NFL football player is between what ages?
52 and 55 years
In a survey of female gymnasts, they found the majority of the athletes consumed an adequate amount of calories for their needs.
Water weighs approximately how many pounds per gallon?
7 pounds
While a majority of athletes need not consume vitamin and mineral supplements, some, particularly females, may need to consume supplemental iron.
Most experts agree that highly active athletes need to consume at least 1.5-2.0 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight per day.
LBW stands for what?
Lean Body Weight
Experts recommend that femal athletes should not allow their body fat levels to drop below what percentage?