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  1. series of ecosystem found on moutains which vary with elevation; precipations increases and tempurature becomes colder as elevation increases
  2. biome near the equator with consistant warm temperatures, wet weather, and lush plant growth
  3. plants such as mosses, lichens, and orchids, that grow on other plants but do not take nutrients from them

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  1. lianasrooted vines that grow up trunks of trees and hang off limbs to reach light in the upper canopy.


  2. canopybiome just south of the tundra; characterized by a northern coniferous forest composed of pine, fir, hemlock, and spruce tree and acidic, mineral-poor topsoils


  3. temperate deciduous foresta forest community characterized by cool, humid weather and abundant rainfall, where tree branches are draped with mosses, tree trunks are covered with lichens, and the forest floor is covered with ferns.