12 terms

Chapter 13 Review

Which of the following is not a function of the neuroglia
Information processing
Glial cells found surrounding the cells bodies of peripheral neurons are
satellite cells
The most important function of the soma of a neuron is to
house organelles the produce energy and synthesize organic molecules
Axons terminate in a series of fine extensions known as
terminal arborization
Neurons in which dendritic and axonal processes are continuous and the cell boy lies off to one side are called
The structures at the ends of the terminal arborizations that form the synaptic terminals are the
terminal boutons
Neurotransmitter is released by
a presynaptic membrane only
In neuron pools, parallel processing occurs-when
several neurons process the same information at the same time
A column is a
group of tracts in the spinal cord
Patterns of interactions between neurons include which of the following
all of the above
Which neuronal tissue cell type is likely to be malfunctioning if the blood-brain barrier is no longer adequately protecting the brain
Developmental problems in the growth and interconnections of neurons in the brain reflect problems with the