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comb box
used with empty frames that are filled with comb as over a gradual time.
a larger box that gives the bees a place to store food over winter.
queen excluder
a metal mesh board with holes big enough for the workers to fit.
hive tool
tool to use when bees glue the inside of the boxes together.
bottom board
the main frame in which the bees hive is substantial on.
inner cover
a spacer to go inside the cover so there is air flow and a second entry way.
topbar hive
a triangular based hive created for the bees to make there own combed honey in a substantial place.
sugar feed cover
replace the inner cover during the winter to give the bees a food source other than the honey they have stored and used up.
the main base for the start of building up the comb with a pre pattern placed into a frames inside.