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Parts of Sewing Machine Quiz

7th grade

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stitch length control
controls how long the stitches are.
small spool that hold the bottom thread of stitches
presser foot
holds fabric in place
throat plate
contains guideline markings that help keep stitching straight
reverse button
allows machine to stitch backwards
hand wheel
moves needle up and down
feed dogs
moves fabric forward with each stitch
thread guides
regulates the tightness or looseness of the thread
stitch width control
allows you to zig-zag stitch
bobbin winder
holds bobbin while thread is wound on it
feeds the thread that forms the upper part of the stitch
spool pin & cap
holds thread spools in place
power switch
turns on light and allows machine to work
bobbin case
has a clear cover and holds bobbin in place during sewing
foot pedal
allows machine to "go"- similar to the gas pedal of a car

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