12 terms

Astronomy chapter 7

sun contains
99.8% of solar systems mass
both extreme hot and colds
hottest planet
first planet from sun with a moon
4 rules
objects orbit in organized manner, 2 types of planets, aasteroids and comets, exceptions
organized ( rule one)
all planetary orbits are nearly circular, all planets orbit sun in same direction, most planets rotate in same direction that they orbit, most planets exhibit similar properties
terrestial planets
Mercury, venus, Mars, Earth = small and dense, rocky with metals
jovian planets
jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune = larger in size but less dense, hydrogen, helium
rocky bodies that orbit the sun much like planets, but are smaller,
asteroid belt
where most asteroids are, between orbits of mars and jupiter
kuiper belt
beyond orbit of neptune, contains 100,000 comets
uranus rotates on its side, venus rotates backwards, earth has large moon