The GridWorld Case Study Methods

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public Location (int r, int c)
Constructs a location with given row and column
public int getRow(), public int getCol()
Accessor methods that return the row or column of the Location
public Location getAdjacentLocation (int direction)
Returns the adjacent location in the compass direction closest to direction.
public int getdirectionToward(Location target)
Returns the direction, rounded to the nearest compass direction, from this location toward a target location.
public int hashCode()
Generates and returns a hash code for this Location.
public boolean equals(Object other), public int compareTo(Object other)
Compares Location objects. Two locations are equal if they have the same tow and column values. Ascending order for location is row-major, namely, start at (0,0) and proceed row by row from left to right.
public String toString()
Returns a string representation of this Location in the form (row,col).