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ap #14 sympathetic & parasympathetic

ANS - Sympathetic - Origin

center of spinal cord T1-L5
thoracolumbar region of the spinal cord

ANS - Parasympathetic - Origin

Gray matter of cranium
Craniosacral region of the CNS

ANS - Sympathetic - Length of fibers


ANS - Sympathetic - Length of fibers


ANS - Parasympathetic - Length of fibers

long (all the way out to target then...)

ANS - Parasympathetic - Length of fibers

short (to target0

ANS - Sympathetic - Location of ganglion

near vertebral column

ANS - Parasympathetic - Location of ganglion

near the target

ANS - Sympathetic - Neurotransmitter
Preganglionic fiber


ANS - Parasympathetic - Neurotransmitter
Preganglionic fiber

Acetylcholine (stimulates next neuron)

ANS - Sympathetic - Neurotransmitter
Postganglionic fiber

Norepinephrine (heart speeds up)

ANS - Parasympathetic - Neurotransmitter
Postganglionic fiber


ANS - Sympathetic - Term for postganglionic fiber

Adrenergic (1) = only postganglionic fiber sympathetic

ANS - Parasympathetic - Term for postganglionic fiber

Cholinergic (4) =
1. preganglionic (parasympathetic)
2. postganglionic (parasympathetic)
3. postganglionic (sympathetic)
4. into muscle fiber

ANS - Sympathetic - Enzymes to terminate action

COMT = Catechol-O-Methyl transferase
MAO = Monoamine oxidase

ANS - Parasympathetic - Enzymes to terminate action


ANS - Sympathetic - Receptors (Need to know these)

1. only on target
2. found in different targets
Alpha, Beta 1, Beta 2

ANS - Parasympathetic - Receptors

Nicotonic (on ganglion), Muscarinic (on target) = named for the poisons that block them

ANS - Sympathetic - Nickname

Fight or flight

ANS - Parasympathetic - Nickname

Rest & restore
rest & digest

ANS - Sympathetic - Effects (point & shoot)

are opposite
mostly stimulatory except for digestion

ANS - Parasympathetic - Effects (point & shoot)

are opposite
mostly inhibitory except:
1. digestion - stimulates
2. reproduction - stimulates

ANS - Sympathetic - Receptors

in blood vessels - get vasoconstrictions (shrinking).
Ex. nasal decongestion can't use if high blood pressure)

ANS - Sympathetic - Receptors
Beta 1

in heart muscle - cause increase of force & rate of contractions
ex. beta blockers

ANS - Sympathetic - Receptors
Beta 2

in airways of lungs - open up airways

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