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Jain Festivals and Tithis


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The Jain word for festivals, meaning "auspicious day."
An auspicious event in the life of a Tirthankar.
Chavana Kalyanak
Conception event of a Tirthankar.
Janma Kalyanak
Birth event of a Tirthankar.
Diksha Kalyanak
Initiation event of a Tirthankar.
Keval-Jnan Kalyanak
Omniscience event of a Tirthankar.
Nirvana Kalyanak
Nirvana event of a Tirthankar.
Paryushan Mahaparva
An 8-day festival observed around August and September, focused on introspection, meditation, and
Das Lakshan Mahaparva
A 10-day festival that occurs directly after Paryushan that is a celebration of 10 virtues.
Mahavir Janma Kalyanak
The day of Mahavir Swami's birth.
A celebration of Mahavir Swami's Nirvan Kalyanak (Diwali Day), Gautam Swami's Kevalgyan Kalyanak (New Year's Day), Bhai Beej, and Gnan Panchmi.
Navpad oli
A nine-day festival during which Jains complete the Ayambil fast (1 meal a day, without any salt, oil, or spices) and contemplate the Navpad.
Consists of the Panch Parmeshti (Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyay, and Sadhus/Sadhvis), Darshan (Right Faith), Gnan (Right Knowledge), Charitra (Right Conduct), and Tap (Right Penance).
Maun Agiyaras
Considered as the most pious day of the year, marking the occurrence of 150 Kalyanaks, and during which many Jains observe a fast and take a vow of silence.
Posh Dashami
Marks the birth event of Parshwanath Bhagwan, and is often commemorated with the completion of Attam Tap (a three-day fast).
A 400-day fast that consists of alternating Upvasas, starting on the anniversary of Rushabhdev Bhagwan's Diksha Kalyanak.
Akshay Tritya
The day on which the 400-day Varsitap fast is broken, with sugarcane juice, just as Rushabhdev Bhagwab's fast broken by his great-grandson, Shreyanskumar.
Shri Maahaavir Swaami Arhate Namah
Jhaap for Mahavir Swami's Chyavan Kalyanak.
Shri Maahaavir Swaami Parmeshti Ne Namah
Jhaap for Mahavir Swami's Janma Kalyanak.
Shri Maahaavir Swaami Nathaaya Namah
Jhaap for Mahavir Swami's Diksha Kalyanak.
Shri Maahaavir Swaami Sarvagnaaya Namah
Jhaap for Mahavir Swami's Keval Gyan Kalyanak.
Shri Maahaavir Swaami Paaraangataaya Namah
Jhaap for Mahavir Swami's Nirvana Kalyanak.
Lunar Day
Significance of a Tithi
Days when one may bind Ayushya karma
Tithis Jains celebrate
Sud Paacham (5th Day), Sud Aatham (8th Day), Sud Chaudas (14th Day), Vad Aatham (8th Day), and Vad Chaudas (14th Day)
Benefits of Following Tithi
Healthy benefits, balanced diet, positive habits