20 terms

History test

George Washington
Commander of the Continental Army
A professional soldier hired to fight for a foreign country
an overall plan of action
a meeting
Battles of saratoga
the series of conflicts that led to the surrender of the british general Burgoyne and his troops at saratoga
a country that agrees to help another country achieve a common goal
Marquis de lafayette
A French nobleman who volunteered to serve in Washington's army
a long steel knife attached to the end of a gun
To leave military duty without intending to return
privately owned ship that a wartime government gives permission to attack an enemy's merchant ships
James Forten
a 14-year-old african american sailor who later became famous for his efforts to end slavery
John Paul Jones
continental officer and commander of the Bonhomme Richard who won the most famous sea battle of the war
Lord Cornwallis
british general who led an army in Camden, South Carolina
small bands of fighters who weaken the enemy with surprise raids and hit-and-run attacks
opposed to war
Battle of Yorktown
The last major battle of the war, in which American and French troops bombarded Yorktown and forced Cornwallis to surrender his army.
Treaty of Paris of 1783
peace treaty that ended the revolutionary war
Government in which people rule.
Elizabeth Freeman
an african american woman who sued for her freedom in a Massachusetts court and won
Richard Allen
an african american preacher who helped start the free african society and the african methodist episcopal church