Chapter 2

The somatic nervous system is a component of the ________ nervous system.
Neural networks refer to
functionally interconnected clusters of neurons in the central nervous system.
Wernicke's area is typically located in the left ________ lobe.
Babies favor the _______ side of their mouth when beginning a smile and the ______ side when babbling.
left; right
The best way to detect enlarged fluid-filled brain regions in some patients who have schizophrenia is to use a(n):
Neural regulation of a child's language functioning is transferred to the right hemisphere if speech areas in the left hemisphere are damaged. This best illustrates:
Messages are transmitted from your spinal cord to your heart muscles by the:
autonomic nervous system.
A biological psychologist would be most interested in the relationship between:
body chemistry and violent behavior.
Heartbeat acceleration is to heartbeat deceleration as the ________ nervous system is to the ________ nervous system.
parasympathetic; sympathetic
To demonstrate that brain stimulation can make a rat violently aggressive, a neuroscientist should electrically stimulate the rat's:
Research on left-handedness suggests that:
genes or prenatal factors play a role in handedness.
Botulin poisoning from improperly canned food causes paralysis by blocking the release of:
Auditory stimulation is first processed in the ________ lobes.
Sensory neurons are an important part of the:
peripheral nervous system.
Messages are transmitted from your spinal cord to muscles in your hands by the ________ nervous system.
Transferring messages from a motor neuron to a leg muscle requires the neurotransmitter known as:
Neural impulses may travel as rapidly as:
200 miles per hour.
Opiate drugs occupy the same receptor sites as
The brain structure that provides a major link between the nervous system and the hormone system is the:
Jason's painful withdrawal symptoms following heroin use were probably due in part to a reduction in his body's normal production of:
Which region of the brainstem takes you to a state of arousal when someone nearby mentions your name?
reticular formation
To identify which specific brain areas are most active during a particular mental task, researchers would be most likely to make use of a(n):
PET scan.