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An awareness that children's temperaments influence parents' child-rearing practices should inhibit our tendency to:

blame parents for our own dysfunctional characteristics.

Pat is normally very restless and fidgety, whereas Shelley is usually quiet and easygoing. The two children most clearly differ in:


Frans avoids talking with food in his mouth because other people think it is crude and inappropriate. This best illustrates the impact of:


Compared to environmentally impoverished rats, rats housed in enriched environments experienced a dramatic increase in the number of their:


Cultural diversity best illustrates our:

adaptive capacities.

Compared with today's North American parents, many Asian and African parents are more likely to encourage their children to value:


Genes are to the perpetuation of individuals as memes are to the perpetuation of:


Those who suggest that our choices today shape tomorrow's possibilities are emphasizing the importance of:

human responsibility

Compared with men, women are ________ likely to agree to go to bed with a stranger and ________ likely to perceive simple friendliness as a sexual come-on.

less; less

A segment of DNA capable of synthesizing a specific protein is called a:


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