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Theology Chapter 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6

(Christianity) the act of delivering from sin or saving from evil
Where is redemption?
in almost everything we see
What was the greastest deed of Jesus Christ?
the redemption of human kind
Christ's whole life
is a mystery of redemption
Adam and Eve break their relationship with God and Jesus....
redeems it
What is baptism a sign of?
Baptism for Jesus is a signal of
God's redemptive plan at the beginning of public ministry
For People, Baptism
frees us from orignal sin and makes us a members of the church and makes people share in the missions of the church
Temptation of Jesus
the 40 days in the desert symbolizes the 40 years the Hebrew people spent wandering (until the Exodus
Jesus overcomes the same temptation
the Hebrew people in the desert did
Jesus is established as the
"New Israel" by his (overcoming) temptation in the desert; however, it does not replace the original account of Israel; it just redeems it.
The first sign of Jesus in John does not use
signs: it is a symbol of somthing else
What is the historical context for Jesus turning water into wine?
Everybody back then would serve the best wine first; and then when they were drunk, they would serve the worst one, but Jesus kept the best wine till last.
Turning water into wine could be sign/symbol of what?
Redemption, and the good wine could be representative of Jesus
After his transfiguration, Jesus tells his disciples
Dont' share this vision to anyone until the son of god is raised fromt he dead. This fortells his Passion death ressurrection and ascension
When Jesus faces shine like the sun and his clothes become as white as light,
this is the transfiguration, an example of Jesus's divinity combined with the appearance of Moses and Elijah provide confirmation of Jesus as the Messiah
Jesus fulfills and redeems
law and prophet
According to the Synoptic Gospels(Mark, Matthew, Luke), where, when, and how was Jesus captured?
On the "hill of olives" called Gethsemane, Jesus and his disciples were praying after the last supper.
What happened in Gethsamane?
Jesus is arrested and betrayed by Judas with a kiss
In John's Gospel, how is the capture of Jesus described?
Disciples go across a (kidron?) valley to an unnamed garden, and there is no prayer or agony, just the arrest.
Judas is synonomous with the word,
A possible reason why Judas betrayed Jesus is because
he may have thought that by Jesus being arrested, it might provoke him to be a militant Messiah and start a revolution
Why did the Jews (in Luke/John) charge Jesus with blasphemy?
Because Jesus said that he was king of the Jews.
In Mark and Matthew who was Jesus handed over to?
Roman soilders who charged him with rebellion and treason
In Luke and John, who was Jesus handed over to?
Jewish authories who charged him with blasphemy.
The soilders mock Jesus by
giving him items which represent one of a king
In the synoptic Gospels, Simon of Cyrene is
forced to help carry the cross. This does not occur in John
The death penalty at this time could only be carried out with
the aproval of the local Roman Government
Only in John's Gospel is
Jesus nailed to the cross
Resurection is a
transformation from material life on earth thourgh a physical body to a form of immortal life
Jesus is somtimes the ___________of resurection
object and subject
Jes us is the subject of his own resurection
Jesus is the object of God action
Resurection is not
bringing a person back from death
Christ does no carry the cross in...
the Synoptics
Biblical Resurrection: Early Stages
there is no life after death
Biblical Resurrection: Middle Stages
Belief in a general resurection or reanimation of many of the dead or the whole nation to a renewed life on ezrth
Biblical Resurrection: Lastest Stages in the old testament
Begining belief in life after death and or resurection from the dead for individuals
Biblical Resurrection: New Testament
Belief in Resurrection from to a death to a new and different form of life.