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Punic Wars

1st Punic War (years)
264-241 BCE
2nd Punic War (years)
218-202 BCE
3rd Punic War (years)
149-146 BCE
Hannibal Barca
hated Rome (for Carthage), military genius, est. Barcelona, never lost on Italian soil but couldn't push conclusion of war. @ war - exiled/military advisor to enemies of Rome
Cause of 1st Punic war
Rome fears Carthage might get control of Messina (Sicilian colony port)
end of war: peace agreement - Rome gets sicily/Carthage has to pay reparations (not harsh terms)
Cause of 2nd Punic War
Rome thinks Carthage expanding to Spain = threat/wages war. Hannibal throws off Rome w/elephants, etc. but doesn't have support of Rome's Latin allies, Battle of Trasimene, Battle of Connae, Battle of Zama (end of war)
Battle of Trasimene
Carthage defeats Rome w/Hannibal and Gauls (against Gaius Flaiminius), Rome ambushed (10x casualties), over in 3 hrs, Rome has to fight hand-to-hand. @war: Rome ignores "Fabian strategy" (from dictator Quintus Fabius Maximus)
Battle of Cannae
Rome rushes into battle after Trasimene (embarassed, in code blue), ignores quintus fabius (wants to wait), compulsory draft, loses to Hannibal
Battle of Zama
final battle of 2nd punic war (modern day Tunisia), Scipio Africanus vs. Hannibal, @ battle: Carthage sues for peace, terms: Carthage no longer power in mediterranean, pay 3x more $
Cause of 3rd Punic War
Rome suspicious of Carthage, Carthage gets back some of old territory, Rome incites demolition of Carthage, Cato the Elder/Scipio Aemilianus vs. Carthage, population killed or enslaved, city razed
Scipio Africanus
the "Roman Hannibal", general in 2nd Punic war, Roman rep. statesman, 206 - elected consul, wants war --> Africa (battle of Zama), senate disagrees but overruled, peace negotiations - senate distrusts Carthage b/c of 1st Punic war, admired Hannibal