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lend (V)
to give someone something for a short time
borrow (V)
to take something from someone for a short time
rise (V)
move upwards
raise (V)
put in a higher position
rob (V)
to take money or property illegally from a person or place, often using threats or violence
steal (V)
to take something that belongs to someone else without permission
lie (V)
be in a place
lie (V/N)
to say something that is not true
lay (V)
put something down
wink (V)
to close one eye
blink (V)
to close both eyes
continuous (Adj)
unbroken or without being interrupted
continual (Adj)
without stopping / repeated
space (N)
an area which is free or unoccupied
room (N)
space that can be occupied
certainly (Adv)
emphasizing the speaker's belief that something is true
surely (Adv)
emphasizing surprise at the speakers belief
fit (Adj)
of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose
suit (Adj)
to be convenient or suitable for someone
shadow (N)
an area of darkness that is created when something blocks light on a flat surface
shade (N)
an area where light does not go
beside (prep)
next to or close
besides (prep/Adv)
in addition to someone or something else that is being mentioned
discover (V)
to find
invent (V)
to design or create
remember (V)
think about the past/not forget
remind (V)
to tell someone again about an event from the past or about a fact that they used to know
alone (Adj/Adv)
without anyone
lonely (Adj)
feeling of being unhappy you are alone
economic (Adj)
relating to the economy of a particular country or region
economical (Adj)
not costing or spending much money
economy (N)
the system by which a country's trade, industry, and money are organized