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strike (N)
to hit or press
take someone's breath away
to be extremely impressive or beautiful
...to be
widen (V)
to make something wider
think it over
to consider a problem or decision carefully before an answer
think it through
to consider the facts about something in an organized and thorough way
pass with flying colours
very successfully
win fair and square
in a way that is clear, so that no one can complain or disagree
anxious (Adj)
syn. nervous
cop (N)
syn. policeman/woman (colloquial)
crook (N)
syn. criminal (colloquial)
chill (V)
syn. relax (colloquial)
hazard (N)
a danger
stick in your memory
to be memorable
dull (Adj)
syn. boring
urge (V)
to encourage
seldom (Adv)
not often, rarely
strength (N)
the noun form of strong
length (N)
the noun form of long
freak out (P/V)
to be nervous or anxious (colloquial)
hip (N)
one of the two parts at either side of your body between your waist and the top of your legs
rut (N)
a situation that is boring and difficult to change
rake (V/N)
to use a rake to make an area of soil level or to remove leaves from the ground
rod (N)
a long thin bar or stick made of plastic, wood, or glass
hog (N)
a male pig whose sex organs have been removed
hog (V)
to take or use a lot of something in a way that prevents other people from having it
chore (N)
an ordinary job that must be done regularly
spend money/time...
ripe (Adj)
fruit or crops grown to the right size or it is ready to eat
hop (V)
to jump on one leg
...a sentence
filthy (Adj)
syn. dirty
shame (N)
a reason for feeling sad or disappointed
shame (V)
to make someone feel guilty or embarrassed
pass on (P/V)
to give something / die
fire (V)
to shoot a gun
defrost (V)
becomes warmer until something is no longer frozen
overlook (V)
to have a view of something from above / to fail to notice or do something
submarine (N)
a ship that can travel both on the surface of the water and under water
plaintive (Adj)
a high and sad sound
what a shame / that's a shame
used for expressing sympathy or disappointment
shame on you
used for telling someone that they should feel guilty or embarrassed