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A virus that infects bacteria is called a


the basic units of dna and rna molecules are the

nucleotides OR nitrogen bases

watson and crick created a process called

model building

xray crystallographs

rosalind franklin

purines take up ___ space


bc dna is continuous, the info of each nucelotide pair must lie in the ___ sequence of the nitrogenous bases



where dna rep begins

DNA polymerases catalyze many polymerizations each time they bind to a DNA molecule. Therefore, DNA polymerases are said to be ____


repetitive sequence at the end of many chromosomes are called ____


enzyme found in 90 percent....cancer cells is


The ___ function of DNA polymerase reduces the num of mistakes


an enzyme that catalyzes the addtion of any lost telomere sequences


Mutations that exhibit the altered phenotype under certain restrictive conditions are referred to as ____ mutations


The TP53 gene normally functions....the mutated TP53 gene will ___ the cell cycle


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