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Government Unit 5 Test


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item veto
to accept or reject certain parts of a bill
presidential succession
order of command
release from legal punishment
executive agreement
an agreement between the president and a foreign chief of state without senatorial approval
electoral vote
official vote for the president and vice president by the electoral college
a person who has the right to vote on an election, one of the 538 who cast an electoral vote
executive order
presidential decree to enforce a law
to cancel or postpone punishment of someone
civil servant
government official, member of the civil service
government official, works in a government department
civil service system
system in which you hire government workers
spoils system
president can say what individuals he wants in government without having to go through a process
government corporation
ex: post office, court house
remove regulations or restrictions from
a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically made without proof
client group
same as special interest groups, work for government agencies
congress, government agencies, interest groups/client groups
iron triangle
state, war, treasury, justice
original 4 government departments and offices
president's annual budget and economic report to Congress
two things the president has to do each year
conflicting loyalties, internal disputes, lack of trust
cabinet problems
cabinet departments, independent executive agencies, regulatory commissions
federal bureaucracy
paid vacation, generous health insurance, good pension
job benefits of federal workers
air force one and other transportation, white house and staff, free medical and dental care, pension for them and spouse
benefits of the president
chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, press secretary, white house counsel
white house staff key positions
state, treasury, agriculture, justice, labor, defense, health and human services, education, transportation, housing and urban development
7 of the 15 executive departments of government