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Abu Hureyra
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a site on the Euphrates River in Syria that was occupied during the Natufian and the Neolithic periods. Hunting Gazelle, Incipiant hearding.85K years ago domesticated sheep and goat, Wheat ,Rye, and lentils. Women faired the worst and had deformed big toes, osteoarthritis, and they were over developed on top. Burial of a shaman who had a deformity,was crippled and covered with stone slabs, buried w/ 50 tortoise shells, chopped off full foot and other skulls . Natufians
Upper Paleolithic; 27,000 BP to 23,000 BP; Czech Republic; site of earliest known potter's kiln; 3 separate sites; about 100 ppl; venus figurines, animals, and some weapons, evidence of trade, 2300 clay figurines, hollowed bones for flute. Burial of lady covered in red ochre- 2 mamoth bones on top of her; Paralysis in her face( theres a clay carving of her found near her too)
3 teenagers-female in middle= ocre in public area
male on right= arms placed in pubic area
other male on stomach - turned away from female but holding hand with mask
woman prabubly died in childhood, male is her partnerand the other guy is her shaman and when she died they had to die with her