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18 terms

Subjunctive impersonal signals

Es lógico que
It's logical that
Es raro que
It's rare that
Es bueno que
It's good that
Es mejor que
It's better that
Es ridículo que
It's ridiculous that
Es malo que
It's bad that
Es triste que
It's sad that
Es importante que
It's important that
Es posible que
It's possible that
Es probable que
It's probable that
Es peligroso que
It's dangerous that
Es necesario que
It's necessary that
Es una lástima que
It's a pity that
Es imposible que
it's impossible that
Es improbable que
it's improbable that
Es fácil que
it's easy that
Es dificil que
it's difficult that
Es aconsejable que
it's advisable that