Trimester 1 EXAM Review (2017)

Questions from Ch. 7 / Ch. 8 and Ch. 9 + Constitution
Bill of Rights
The first ten amendments of the US Constitution
a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives
Whiskey Rebellion
Western Pennsylvanian farmers rebelled against federal taxes
Electoral College
The president must receive a majority of this vote.
The practice of forcing people to serve in the navy
1st Amendment
Freedom of religion, speech, petition the govt.
Elastic Clause
Congress has the power to act as needed to meet changing conditions
Anti-Federalist Papers
Collection of essays against the Constitition
President Jefferson used this to justify the Louisiana Purchase
Northwest Ordinance
Law that helped stop the spread of slavery in the West
Supreme Law of the land / final authority
Checks and Balances
Helps keep any one branch of govt from getting too much power
Articles of Confederation
America's FIRST Constitution.
President can check on Congress with this . . .
Judiciary Act of 1789
Established the federal court system
Favoritism of one political party
Sedition Act
Made it illegal to criticize the government
George Washing warned that political parties would. . .
divide the country
Alien Act
Gave president the power to deport aliens
Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions
Nullified federal laws
Election of 1800 was decided by . . .
The House of Representatives
Supreme Court's ability to rule on the Constitutionality of laws is found in where. . .
Judicial Review
Louisiana Territory
Purchase from FRANCE
Aaron Burr
Killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel
Twelfth Amendment
Changed the requirements for presidential elections
John Marshall
Broadened the powers of the Supreme Court
Napoleon Bonaparte
French Emperor who wanted to build an empire in the Americas
Lewis and Clark
Led the expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory
XYZ Affair
French demanded a bribe to stop impressing American sailors
Marbury v. Madison
Established Judicial Review
Roger Sherman
Suggested the Great Compromise
Supporters of the new Constitution
"Let the People do as they wish"
Federalists believed the Louisiana Purchase was. . .
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
John Marshall was this for the Marbury v. Madison case
Federalist Papers
Book of essays supporting the Constitution
Were upset that there was no Bill of Rights in the Constitution
Jay's Treaty
American's were upset with this treaty because the British would continue to impress our sailors
Led a rebellion in Santo Domingo / changed Napoleon's plans for North America
Three-Fifths Compromise
The constitution counted slaves for representation by this compromise
Believed in strong central government
Meetings in preparing for elections
Zebulon Pike
A mountain in Colorado is named after him
Federal System
Division of powers between the national and state governments
Shays' Rebellion
Jefferson responded to this rebellion with "the tree of liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Judicial Review
The Supreme Court has the power to decide
Built a Native American Confederacy to protect Indian lands in the West.
One of the buildings burned by the British in Washington D.C. during the War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
The treaty that ended the War of 1812
War Hawks
The name given to Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun.
Battle of New Orleans
Famous battle after the War of 1812 was officially over and made Andrew Jackson famous helping him eventually become president.