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Political Culture

A patterned and sustained way of thinking about how political and ecnomic life ought to be carried out

Civic Duty

A belief that one has an obligation to participate in civic and political affairs

Civic Competence

A belief that one can affect government policies

Class Consciousness

A belief that you are a member of an economic group whose interests are opposed to people in other such groups


A belief that morality and religion ought to be of decisive importance


A belief that personal feedom and solving social problems are more important than religion

Civil Society

Voluntary action that makes cooperation easier




Political system


Good for yourself

Equality (politically)

Everyone can vote and show support


Proud to be an American


Economic System

Rule of the Law

A trust in the judicial system

Political Efficacy

Whether we vote or note will have an effect on the government

Political Tolerance

We support peoples idea to debate with one antoher




Integrated Set of beliefs and values that shape a person's view


Corporations are threat, more fed, gov should protect peoples well being. Left. Justice, equal opportunity

Neo Liberal

Government is not the whole soluton. Government has a smaller role


Solid South,evangelical Christians, Emphasis on privatization, tax cuts, right, competative markets, equal oportunity, if its not broken dont fix it

Neo Conservatives

Social eaders, emphasize on social/religious issues, unrestriced free market. Foreign policy, fearful of intnational bodies, more intervention


Economic and governmental system based on public ownerage of teh means of production and exchange. Centralized Government, more tazes on wealthy, drastic cuts in defense, weak in US: seen as radical, less individualism,


Individual liberty and a sharply limited government. Liberals and conservatives lack consistency toward government power, oppossed to all government programs, oppossed to all government regulation,

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