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Identify where anthropologist and archaeologists think Native Americans originated and when they begin coming to America.
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The oldest European stereotype of native Americans were that the the "Savage" were portrayed as violent, liars, thieves, heathens, and cannibals. The counter and more recent stereotype of the "Noble Savage" portrays Indians as more in tune with nature, less materialistic and greedy and more honest than Europeans.
Identify the areas of the new world colonized by Spain and explain the encomiendaThe Spanish colonized almost all of the South and Central America. (except for Portuguese and Brazil) As well as Mexico, Florida, and the US South west form Texas to California. Spanish system of granting Indian labor to Conquistadors in exchange for christianization of the Indians.Know which European country first settled in Louisiana and Canada.FranceIdentify the economic basis of French CanadaThe Fur tradeIdentify which colony did Sir Walter Raleigh found and what happened to it.The lost colony of Roanoke. No one knows.Identify Richard Hakluyt and explain the role he played in the colonization of America.Richard Hakluyt- A British geographer and map maker who's books argued that England needed to colonize the Americas to compete for markets and raw materials with the other European nations.Chapter 2Chapter 2Explain the degree of social mobility in Europe and England in the 17th century.Almost none. England and Europe had rigid class system in witch it was almost impossible to move up from the social class of your father.List the Stuart monarchs and identify which where overthrown in revolutionsJames 1, Charles 1- overthrown and beheaded in the puritan revolution. (1642-49) Charles II, James II - overthrown by the glorious revolution of 1688Describe the proportion of African slaves brought to North America VS the amount brought to the Caribbean and South America.SA-50%, CRB-40%, NA-10%Explain the factors that determined the flow of Immigrants into the British colonies. in the 17th century.The Ups and Downs of the economy and to escape war and revolution and religious oppression .Identify the first permanent English settlement in America and explain the reasons why it nearly failed .James Town in Virginia. Its location was in a malarial swam, the Powhatan Indians, Its water supply and the type of settlers it brought were lazy.Identify John Smith and Pocahontas and explain their role in the survival of James town.Smith (colony military leader) helped save it by issuing the Edict : "he that doth work neither shall eat" Pocahontas allegedly saved the colony and john smith life. She was the chiefs daughterExplain what crop saved James townTobaccoDescribe the labor arrangement under which most people who came to Chesapeake colonies in the 17th century did so.Indentured servitudeDiscuss how African Americans were considered when they were first brought to Virginia and how this changed in the late 17th century.A) like white indentured servants B) As permanent slaves.Describe the 3 levels of and institutions of Virginia's government in the 17th centuryBritish Empire- king, house of lords. Colonial government- Royal Governor appointed by king, Local Government- county court, justice of the peaceDiscuss Virginia's: Sex ratio, Settlement patterns, life expectancy, religious life, and educational systems in the 17th centurysex-6:1 male to females 1620's, 4:1 by 1650, 1:1 by 1700 settlement patterns- very few towns or cities, most lived on spread out rural farms or plantations. Life expectancy-42years (England 52) Religion- so spread out, few churches Anglican is the established church. Education- family educated children, too spread out for schoolsExplain the difference between a puritan and a separatistBoth are followers of John Calvin in England but separatists believe the must completely separate from the church of England because the Anglican church is too catholic and corrupt. Puritans want to "purify" the church of England (Anglican church) of catholic [practices but remain in the Anglican ChurchIdentify who first used the term "City on Hill" and Explain what he meant by the term and how this represented the first expression of the idea of "American Exceptionalism"John Winthrop. He meant that god had sent the Massachusetts bay colonists to America to create a truly christian society that would serve serve as a "model" for the rest of the world to follow.Identify Roger Williams and explain why he was banished form Massachusetts Bay, and what colony did he foundRoger Williams was a separatist minister who was banished for his radical views that you should purchase your land and not steal it form the Indians. He later founded Rhode Island.Identify the founder of Maryland and explain what group it was a haven for.Lord Baltimore for Catholics.Describe what Lord Baltimore's Act concerning religion saidAnyone who professed in the divinity of Christ could practice their religion in Maryland.Identify which British colony was founded by settlers from Barbados and describe the type of economy they established in their new colonySouth Carolina. African slave labor used to grow rice and indigo.Which colony was established as a refuge for Quakers.Pennsylvania it was founded by the Quaker William Penn.Which European country settled New York first and what happened to their colonyNew York was originally a Dutch colony but the English took it over in the 1600's