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ABE (automated benthic explorer)

an untethered submersible, equipped with cameras and sensors, that navigates by sound beacons for long periods of time

decompresion chamber

a large portable container that divers can enter after they've surfaced to help their bodies return to normal atmospheric pressure

echo sounder

a device used to determine depth by sound waves


a unit of measure for ocean depth. One fathom is 6 feet


study and exploration of the world's oceans

ROV (remotely operated vehicle)

unmanned submersible tethered to a mother ship and operated by pilots using a joy stick

scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus)

device that allows divers to breathe underwater for long periods of time

sonar (sound navigation ranging)

a device that determines the distance of an object under water by recording echoes of sound waves


a small submarine used to explore the ocean depths; equipped with scientific equipment capable of seeing and recording data

abiotic factor

the non-living factors of the environment that an organism lives in

aphotic zone

lowest layer of the ocean where light does not reach

biotic factor

the living organisms of the environment


production of light through chemical processes


production of organic material from chemical reactions





photic zone

top layer of the ocean where sunlight penetrates

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