ASBFD&E - Blue Booklet Sec 3.1

Terms in this set (24)

-total charge for the services of the licensee or registrant and the use of the funeral establishment, including the preparation of the body and other professional services, and the charge for the use of automotive and other necessary equipment.

-An itemization of charges for the casket or alternative container and any outer burial container.

-An itemization of fees or charges and the total amount of cash advances made by the licensee or registrant for transportation, flowers, cemetery or crematory charges, newspaper notices, clergy honorarium, transcripts, telegrams, long-distance telephone calls, music and any other advances authorized by the purchaser.

-The method of payment and any interest charges.

-An itemization of any fees or charges not included in paragraphs 1 through 4.

-The total amount of charges itemized and included pursuant to this subsection.

-The location where the deceased will be held, embalmed or cremated if the location is not the funeral establishment's premises.

-A statement containing the name, address and phone number of any corporation, limited liability company, partnership or limited partnership that holds an ownership interest of ten per cent or more in the funeral establishment or crematory.

-The statement of funeral goods and services delivered to the potential purchaser shall also contain a conspicuous statement informing the potential purchaser that a casket or outer burial container may be purchased and used, at the option of the purchaser, in connection with the funeral services and final disposition of human remains, but that, except as provided pursuant to section 36-136, the purchase or use of caskets or outer burial containers is not required by law.