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Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware (Input and Output)
Primary input device for entering text and numbers
Most common keyboard layout
Modifier keys
Shift, Control, Alt
Pointing device for selecting text, accessing menus, interacting with programs
Pointing device that works like an upside down mouse
Touch pad
Stationary pointing device used by moving your finger across a small surface
Light pen
Used for PDAs
Most commonly used output device
Often characterized by image quality, speed, initial cost, and cost of operation
Barcode reader
Uses a light source to read patterns of printed lines
Input device that analyzes an image, text, or object and converts it into a digital image
Picture element
Input device that allows you to use your voice as input
Sound system
Speakers plus sound card
Sound card
Translates digital sounds into the electric current that is sent to the speakers
Function keys
Keys that alone or in combination with shift/alt/control that allow the users to input commands quickly
Dot-matrix printer
Uses a print head which contains a cluster of pins which press an inked ribbon against the paper
Inkjet printer
Creates an image by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the paper
Laser printer
Uses head and pressure to bond tiny particles of toner to paper