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Group of people from South East Asia who established the first known civilization in the ancient middle east.


"The land between two rivers" The location between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers where the worlds first civilization was formed.


A society that has cities, a centeral government and social classes and that usually has writing,art,and architecture


Is a city that is also a seperate independent state


Stories about gods that explain peoples beliefs


An area of many territories and people that is controlled by one government


The capital city of Babylonia


Created by the babylonian empire by writing the cities of Sumer
*He created the first written set of laws in the world known as Sumer.


A group of people that lived in ancient middle east. They were a great sea power and were excellent traders.


A set of symbols that represent the sounds of the language


A group of traders traveling together


A market selling different kinds of goods.

Battering ram

A powerful weapon with a wooden beam mounted on wheels


The Assyrian capital city where a great library was built which had many clay tablets with writings from Sumer and Babylon

Nebuchadnezzar II

The Assyrian king who rebuilt Babylon and created the beautiful "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" in honor of his wife


Were a small band of people who settled in the hills around the Jordan River valley. They were originally called Hebrews


Much of which is known about early history of the Isralites comes from stories told in the Torah the Hebrew Bible


The Hebrew probhet who led his people to freedom from Egyptian slavery.
*He wrote the 10 Commandments


Temple of main God or Goddess of the city


belief in many gods


First king of the Isralites who settled his people in the area of the middle known as Canaan


A promise made by God


A belief in one God

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