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Geece Chapter


Father of Greek tragedy. Wrote approximatley 80 plays


Greek philosopher. A pupil of Plato, the tutor of Alexander the Great. Credited with creation of the scientific method of inquiry.

Civil War

A war between people of the same country.

Delian League

Alliance formed by Greek city-states after the Persian Wars; Athens took advantage of this arrangment leading to the start of the Peloponnesian Wars.

Doric Column

Plain pedestal

Golden Age of Pericles

Period after the Persian wars where Greece was able to enter an age of prosperity and peace

Ionic Column

Ram's horn or scroll under pedestal.


Temple in Athens built to honor the goddess Athena

Peloponnesian League

League created by Sparta to counter the power of Athens during the Peloponnesian Wars.

Peloponnesian Wars

civil wars between Athens and Sparta, resulted in weakening of Greek city-states, then end of the Greek Golden Age, & invasion by Macedonia.


Athenian leader noted for advancing democracy in Athens and for ordering the construction of the Parthenon.


Athenian sculptor who supervised the building of the Parthenon.


Student of Socrates, wrote The Republic about the perfectly governed society.


Athenian philosopher of late 5th century B.C.; tutor of Plato; urged rational reflection of moral decisions; condemned to death for "corrupting" minds of Athenian young.


Greek general of the Peloponnesian wars, writer of tragedies; author of Oedipus Rex.

The Republic

The best-known dialogue of Plato, in which Socrates is shown outlining an ideal state, ruled by philosopher-kings.

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