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What where the names of Edgar's biological parents?

Eliza and David Poe Jr.

How old was Edgar when his father abandoned him?

One year old.

How old was Mrs. Poe when she died?

Mrs. Poe was 24 years old when she died of tuberculosis.

How many children where there in the Poe family?


What where the names of Edgar's foster parents?

Mr. and Mrs. Allan

To what did Mrs. Allan's death attribute?

Mrs. Allan died of Tuberculoses, while her husband was having affairs within his own home.

What college did Edgar attend?

University of Virginia

What two talents developed/emerged in Edgar's days at UVA?

Artistry and Writing

Why did Edgar enlist in the army?

Because Edgar was in significant debt, he believed he would be jailed if he did not repay his debtors, so he enlisted in the army.

What two vices did Edgar engage in?

Drugs and Alcohol

What had Edgar accomplished by age 20?

By age 20, Edgar had become a published writer.

When Edgar's foster mother died in 1829, Who did he turn to?

Edgar turned to his Aunt Maria Clemm, and her boarding home.

What job did Edgar leave the security of his loved ones for in 1835?

Poe left his family to pursue a career as an editor.

Why was Edgar called "" and ""?

Edgar possessed these nicknames because of his malicious nature while editing and reviewing pieces of literature.

How old where Poe and Clemm when they married?

Poe and Clemm where 24 and 12 when they married, although it said that Clemm was 21 when she married her first cousin.

How was their marriage unusual?

Their marriage was unusual because Poe not only though of her as a "wifey" but also as a cousin and a sister.

What where Poe's best themes?

-Super Sleuth
-Slightly stupid assistant
-Completely ineffective police force
-Misleading clues
-A complication in the setting
-Obvious hidden clues
-A trick to expose the villain

What was the first detective story attributed to Poe?

Murders in the Rude Morgue

Define Consumption


What happened to Virginia Clemm?

She was consumed by Tuberculosis.

How much did Poe earn for The Raven?


Which poem did Poe choose to immortalize his wife in?

Annabelle Lee

Why did Poe refer to women as "The Angels of Mercy"?

Poe referred to women as the Angels of Mercy because women had been his savior through his toughest times.

How old was Poe when he died?

Poe was 40 years old.

What entailed Poe's death?

As a victim of political abuse, Poe muttered "God help my poor soul" and then died.

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