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World History, Stuff we will learn, and when they happened. ~ Fun Timeline Questions


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10,000 BCE
We can grow stuff in the ground pretty co-AGRICULTURE
3,000 BCE
Bronze is cool now
Civilization is dank river valleys
1,300 BCE
Bois are using Iron now
8th century BCE
Two brothers nursed from a wolf create a city on 7 hills. This city is Rome.
5th century BCE
The Greeks were getting philosophical
Achaemenid Empire (550-330 BCE)
Ancient Persian Empire that was a lot like when China was doing good
32 CE
Dat boi Jesus was getting popular
180 CE
Bye Bye Pax Romana
220 CE
End of cool and powerful early China
221 BCE
The Qin! :/
323 CE
Alexander the Great = Dead
333 CE
Rome in Constantinople, keeping the dream alive!
4th century CE
Trans-Saharan (Africa) Trade Routes
476 CE
Bye Bye Rome (West Siiide)
527 CE
Heyo Justinian gonna rule the byzantines?
632 CE
Islam starts to take over the world
732 CE
Tours has a battle, stops Islam from expanding in Europe (enter endless struggles between two major religions until TBD)
Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258 CE)
Caliphate after the Umayyads
Pretty good with gov
1054 CE
Schism in Christianity
1095 CE
Start of the Crusades (Great Idea...not)
1258 CE
1271-1295 CE
Marco? Polo!
1324 CE
Mansa Musa showing off his $$$ making it rain on his pilgrimage. (plunging the region into hyperinflation)
1325 CE
Ibn Battuta starts to do cool stuff, peaces out and travels for over 20 years.
1347 CE
Black Death visits Europe! Dang Mongolians?
1433 CE
Zheng He stops sailing the world. China Erases almost all writings of him, and focus on themselves.
1453 CE
Ottomans: Hello, goodbye Constantinople ;)
1488 CE
Bart Dias finds the real way to India
1492 CE
Columbus thinks he found India
Spoiler alert: Way off!
1502 CE
Slaves go to America.
1517 CE
Martin Luther complains about the church to the church (Bad Move)
1521 CE
Cortez takes over the Aztecs with (Guns, Germs, And Steel) well, mainly Germs.
1533 CE
Pizarro takes the Incas again....mainly Germs.
Abbas the Great (1587 CE)
Safavid's best ruler
1588 CE
British manage to beat the Spanish
1600 CE
Tokugawa Shogunate
1618-1648 CE
30 Years War yay!
1683 CE
Ottomans tries to take over Vienna
Spoiler alert: They failed
France and Britain are at it again
1776 CE
America flips off Britain with guns #Murica #Freedom
Adam Smith (1776 CE)
Wealth of Nations
Capitalism! :)
Abolition (1780s CE)
Movement to end slavery
1789 CE
French people get pissed and start a revolution
1839 CE
Drugs got them down in China (Opium Struggles)
1848 CE
Socialism and revolutions = fun times
1853 CE
Europe un-isolates Japan
1861 CE
Russia is not into feudalism anymore (Finally!!!)
1865 CE
Slavery is not cool anymore in the US
1871 CE
Germany is one thing again, this should last a long time right?
Spoiler alert: it doesn't
Europe rapes Africa (for resources)
1898 CE
America blames stuff on Spain and goes to war
1905 CE
Russia and Japan have a war (not as good as you thought huh Russia)
1910 CE
Mexico starts a revolution (lasts a long, long time)
1911 CE
China doesn't like old China so tries to change it
1914-1918 CE
WWI stuff hits the fan everywhere!
1917 CE
Communism in Russia (Seemed like a good idea at the time)
1919 CE
WW1 ends (war to end all wars is over!)
Spoiler Alert: Not even close.
1929 CE
There was depression-it was pretty great (not in a good way)
1931 CE
Japan screws over Manchuria (big time)
Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)
Radical German nationalist during WW1 Dictator of Germany in WW2
1939 CE
Germany takes over Poland, leads to the world trying to kick Germany's butt.....again.
1941 CE
Pearl Harbor gives the USA an excuse to join the war (WW2)
1945 CE
WW2 is over(ish)
1947 CE
India finally gets rid of Britain (Thank you Gandhi)
1948 CE
Zionist movement: Jews make Israel a state (Almost picked Brazil instead)(Sorry Palestine)
1949 CE
Heyyy communism in China (Still kinda going)
1950 CE
Korea is gonna do a short (NOT SHORT) war against's itself
1954 CE
Vietnam starts a war with itself
1959 CE
Cuba has a revolution
(heyyy communism, you seem like a good idea for us!) Woops!
1962 CE
Cuban Missile Crisis (13 minutes from fallout the video game) Whew!
1989 CE
China has some protests
Berlin wall falls down (Thank you David Hasselhof.
1991 CE
Fall of USSR
1st Gulf War
1994 CE
1st All Race Election in South Africa
Rwanda has a genocide (Hotel Rwanda, Don Cheadle, do it!)