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  1. Central (CNS)
  2. temporal
  3. synapse
  4. Pia mater
  5. Axon
  1. a conducts nerve impulses away from cell body
  2. b division of brain for hearing and smell
  3. c nervous system containing the brain and spinal cord
  4. d a junction where information is transmitted from one neuron to the next
  5. e inner layer of meninges

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  1. efferent nerve; cannot be consciously controlled
  2. liquid found in ventricles of brain, between arachnoid and pia mater
  3. outer most layer of meninges
  4. division of brain for any sensations
  5. carry nerve impulse from body to brain or spinal cord (sensory)

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  1. neurotransmitterchemical released from an axon that starts or stops a nerve impulse


  2. efferentcarry nerve impulse from body to brain or spinal cord (sensory)


  3. polarizationdivision of brain for any sensations


  4. microglialipid-protein substance (white in color)


  5. somaticefferent nerve; under conscious control