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  1. Arachnoid
  2. Meninges
  3. Peripheral (PNS)
  4. occipital
  5. Astrocyte
  1. a division of brain for vision
  2. b nervous system containing all nerves coming off of the spinal cord
  3. c membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord
  4. d middle layer of meninges; contains cerebrospinal fluid
  5. e neuroglial cell; found between nerve tissues and blood vessels, provide structural support, remove cellular debris, form blood/brain barrier

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  1. nervous system containing the brain and spinal cord
  2. lie in the brain or spinal cord (association nerve)
  3. efferent nerve; under conscious control
  4. lipid-protein substance (white in color)
  5. resulting from unequal distribution of ions

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  1. synapseefferent nerve; under conscious control


  2. efferentcarry nerve impulse from body to brain or spinal cord (sensory)


  3. microglialipid-protein substance (white in color)


  4. Cerebrospinal fluidnervous system containing the brain and spinal cord


  5. Axoncharged particles, either negative or positive