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Journey Across Time-The Early Ages

Name two rivers important to early Chines civilization

Huang He and Chang Jiang

The flooding of the river of China helped farmers as it left behind

rich topsoil

In these river valleys how much of its land could be farmed?


What geographical features shaped China's civilization?

mountains, desert, and rivers

The kings of the Shang dynasty ruled from what capital city?


What was the role of the Shang warlords?

govern the kingdom's territories

List three crops grown by most Shang Chinese farmers?

millet, wheat, rice

What did the people of the Shang dynasty worship?

Gods and spirits

Who did the people of the Shang dynasty honor?

ancestors or departed family

Like many other ancient languages early Chinese writing used

pictographs and ideographs

Which of the two Chinese writings represents and idea?


In Chinese writing most writing represented

whole words

Who was the Chinese aristocrat that overthrew the Shang dynasty and began a new dynasty called the Zhou?

Wu Wang

Who did the Zhou kings entrust to rule?


What two systems allowed farmers to grow more crops?

irrigation and flood control

What ended the Zhou dynasty?

their own states and rulers became powerful

Name three main social classes of early China?

landowning aristocrats, peasant farmers and merchants

Why did the amount of land owned by each aristocrat decrease in time?

they split it between sons

About how many Chinese were farmers?

9 out of 10

Describe the concept of filial piety?

family members

What were two primary responsibilities of women in Chinese society?

keeping the household and raising children

What did Confucius believe would bring peace to Chinese society?

treat others the way they would like to be treated

What particular teaching of Confucius caused him to be resisted by the aristocrats?

all men with a talent for governing should take part in government

What Chinese philosophy was based on the teachings of Laozi?


What did the scholar Hanfeizi believe about human nature that was different from both Confucius and Laozi?

that people are naturally evil

Why did Hanfeizi believe people needed laws and punishment?

force them to do their duty

Why did aristocrats like the philosophy of Legalism?

it favored force and power

What means "the First Qin Emperor"?

Qin Shihuagdi

What did Qin Shihuangdi base his rule?


Why did Qin face little opposition during most of his reign?

everyone who opposed him were punished or killed

Who were the Xiongnu and at what did the excel?

masters at fighting on horseback

Why did Qin Shihuangdi have the Great Wall built?

to keep the Xiongnu from attacking farms and villages

Why did the Qin dynasty fall?

they thought he was a cruel leader

How did China's empire increase in size during the Han dynasty?

farmers were forced to sell land

Who were the first people to make paper?


Why were only expensive goods carried on the Silk Road?

difficult, dangerous, and had to pay taxes to many kingdoms

What groups in China were the first to adopt Buddhism?

merchants and scholars

How did Buddhism help people during the collapse of the Han government and the beginnings of the civil war?

helped cope with stress and fear

What is a line of rulers that belongs to the same family?


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